The system has three modes. Pure Electric, Automatic and Force Start.

If you place the Mode switch in Automatic (Switch Placed in Central), the system will start automatically when the batteries are almost empty. When the batteries are fully recharged, the system will shut down automatically. The system keeps cycling like this ,if you keep the Mode switch in Automatic.

When the capacity of the battery drops the voltage of the battery unit drops as well . Automatic starting happens when the total voltage of the battery unit drops under the threshold voltage. As soon as this happens, the controller activates the engine.

The Threshold voltage is 45V, which means when the battery voltage is under 45V the system will start automatically.

If you place the switch in Pure electric, the hybrid system will never start . It only uses the batteries to power the cart.

If you place the switch in Force start then the hybrid system will always be in a running state. It will never choke off until you turn off the key switch.